UC & Swizzy Hit Demand

So it's the first day of 2017. I hope you had a profitable 2016 and I hope 2017 is even more so. As usual, I've got the pairs showing potential on the daily chart here.

EURJPY - Short

EJ is heading back up to daily supply though it's a way off yet. I'll be monitoring the reaction when it gets there.


USDCAD - Long/Short

Price has dropped into demand on the daily and there is a clear run of red candles that came into the level. PA on the lower time frames would confirm a long.

There is also a clear run of green candle below the level so if price engulfs this area, a short could be in play.


USDCHF - Long/Short

The Swizzy dropped into demand on the daily and has already begun to move up. As with UC, the path below is clear so I'll be watching to see which way price want's to go with confirmation.



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