The Aussie Rallies Strong As The Euro Heads Lower

We’ve seen a number of big moves recently. USDCHF has been rallying along with the Aussie pairs. At the same time, the euro has been weakening. Check out this weeks levels in this weeks outlook.

AUDCAD – Long/Short

AC has made significant moves up recently ending strong last week. We’ve seen a demand zone form and price has just arrived back at supply. We do have a nice run of green candles into the zone so we’ll see what reaction we get.

2015-11-22 AC Long D1

AUDNZD – Long/Short

AN is also in between two levels. Having rallied strong and leaving a demand level behind, it’s now heading towards supply. Both levels are worth watching for a reaction.

2015-11-22 AN Long D1

EURAUD – Long/Short

EA has been heading lower for some time now. It broke through the level we were watching last week with no sign of stopping or slowing down so there was no trade. We do have other demand levels lower down to look out but we’re also looking at potential shorts on the way down. Price closed within a demand level that price previously rallied from so what we do next depends on what happens when the market opens.

2015-11-22 EA Long D1

2015-11-22 EA Long D1


EJ still looks like it’s heading lower after giving us a few more lower lows last week. The demand level below is still in play. There may of course be short opportunities on the way down too.

2015-11-22 EJ Long D1

USDCHF – Long/Short

Price has formed another base right at supply which is not a good sign for shorts usually. We would need to see this new base and the previous one engulfed before thinking about shorts. A breakout to the upside may be more likely.

2015-11-22 USDCHF Short.Long D1


Detailed Analysis

Premium members can login to the forum for the detailed analysis which looks at the lower time frame levels we are watching to confirm entries, and the other setups we have for this coming week. This weeks detailed video analysis is here. If you do not have access to the premium content then you can find out how to sign up here.

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