Sterling Rallies As UC Heads To Demand

The GJ supply managed to hold up price for a while though that seems to be short lived now. This week Sterling could continue to rise and there are other opportunities as always.


AJ has been rallying along with a number of the other yen pairs. After engulfing supply I marked up a while back, it's now heading to another supply level higher up. We'll see how price reacts when it gets there.

2017-07-16 AJ Short D1


GU is has been on the up for the past few weeks and is making its way to daily supply. If that whole area gets engulfed there's a lot of upside potential. The approach so far could offer shorts too. As always, price action at the level will let us know.

2017-07-16 GU Short D1


UC has been falling for a little while now and is almost at daily demand. There was a very strong move away from the level, so I'm interested to see how price will react on return.

2017-07-16 UC Long D1


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