Sterling Heads Down

EJ did test the demand I mentioned last week and the Swizzy stayed lower after the engulf. EJ is still on the watchlist though we could be looking at a different outcome.

AUDNZD - Short

Price hit supply on AN and has briefly made a move away. There's a clear path on arrival so I'll be looking to see if it will fall further.

2017-02-04 AN Short D1


EJ has hit demand on the daily but did not make a convincing move to the upside. There is still room for price to fall on an engulf so I'll be looking out for that as well.

2017-02-04 EJ Short D1


GA made a big move south last week and is heading back towards the demand level we traded long from previously. I'll be watching to see if the level holds again.

2017-02-04 GA D1


GJ has engulfed daily demand and the path below is clear so there could be a short.

2017-02-04 GJ Short D1


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