Short Term Trading Opportunties

The majority of the trading analysis I have shared on this website has been for long term trading opportunities based on daily supply and demand levels. Recently a number of you have been asking about methods for trading supply and demand on a short term basis. Below are some short term trades from last week which were pre planned and shared in the members area of this website. Both examples are from AUDUSD, but the same principle is applied for other pairs. The charts used for this short term approach are the H1, 30m and 5m.


Here's the initial post setup which I posted last Sunday:

A35 image 1 AU Long H1

And here's the entry and exit on the 5m and H1 charts:

A35 image 2 AU Long H1


2014-11-10 AU Long 5m

Much like the longer term approach, I like to wait for a decent amount of profit potential before considering a trade. I also still use the 5m to confirm entries and exits as in the above. This method can also be traded using limit orders if one prefers.

Later on in the week AUDUSD presented another opportunity, so we took that one as well. Here's what happened:


A35 image 4 AU Long 30m


A35 image 5 AU Long 30m



2014-11-12 AU 5m Long v01


2014-11-12 AU 5m Long v02

These are just a few of the trades highlighted last week. If you'd like to receive short term trading opportunities like these each week, then you can sign up below.

Happy Trading

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