Profits From The Pound

The pound has gained some real strength recently and we've been along for the ride. There may still be more potential so I'll continue to monitor and analyse.


CJ is back at a key supply from 2015 where price had a big drop. I'll be watching PA now that we're back to see what happens this time around.

2017-09-17 CJ Short D1


First of all, if you didn't see my initial analysis of GJ a month ago then look here and here. Now we took the GJ long in the members area and held. That's one of keys to making big gains. Waiting and letting price do it's thing. There could be more in it, we will have to see. It's one of my favourite pairs so I always have my eye on what it's doing.

2017-09-17 GJ Long D1


GU saw some big gains too and that could also provide some trading opportunities. There's a long way up to supply so we'll see if price wants to rally further.

2017-09-17 GU Long D1


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