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2014-04-10 aj Short d1

The Daily And Weekly Charts

By Joe Wright | April 22, 2014

Multiple time frame analysis is a key part of my trading from the large time frames right down to the small ones. In this article I share a recent trade where the daily supply lined up with the weekly which increased the probability of the trade working out and price did indeed fall from it…

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2014-03-31 nu Short h1

Supply and Demand Targets: Knowing When To Exit

By Joe Wright | April 10, 2014

Entering trades is often the easy part of trading. You conduct your analysis, wait for your signal then enter. Where some traders fall down is when it comes to the exit. In this article we’ll look at a recent trade I took and why I decided to exit at the location I did.

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2014-02-19 AU Short h1

The Supply and Demand Fake Out

By Joe Wright | April 4, 2014

When identifying levels from which to trade, we usually consider a level to be strong if price has not been able to break through it. Once it is broken we ignore it and wait for the next setup. This is generally good practice. There are occasions however, where price will break through your pre identified…

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