NU & UJ Levels Hold

The supply on UJ I mentioned last week held and so did the NU demand.

Both are still on the list this week.


As the NU demand holds, it's a good idea to continue to monitor it.

2018-05-26 NU Long D1


A supply level was highlighted on UJ last week. (If you missed it you can find it here).

The level held and price fell to a bit of demand. UJ could rally from here so watch out for that.

2018-05-26 UJ Short D1

GBPAUD - Sneak Peak

We've been watching GA in the members area and there was a great short play recent which was good for hundreds of pips.

Price was consolidating at weekly supply for a while then we finally got a break.

2018-05-05 GA Short W1

2018-05-05 GA Short D1

Retest with further short movement

2018-05-12 GA Short D1

Another retest for entry on lower timeframes...

2018-05-19 GA Short D1

Then down to target.

2018-05-26 GA Short D1


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