Longs On The Pound

Sterling made some great gains last week and it's even better when you can see them coming. We've been watching the pound for a while and we finally saw some long movement.


GA has been on our radar in the members are for a while now and we've taken a few trades on it here and there. Last week this level was noted.

2017-01-15 GA Short D1

Price had gapped into the zone and it was an area of interest for a number of reasons. Looking to the left gives us reason number one, the profit potential above was reason number 2 and there were others.

There are a number of different ways to enter trades like these and here is one of them:

2017-01-17 GA Long M30 v01

As you will see from your own charts, this what happened next:

2017-01-17 GA Long M30 v02


There was opportunity on GC too.

Here's the before:

2017-01-17 GC Long D1

And here's the after:

2017-01-22 GC Long D1


GJ gave us a decent entry last week too:

2017-01-18 GJ Long M30

And a strong rally followed:

2017-01-21 GJ Long M30

Setups like these occur very often in the markets. The key is knowing where price is likely to turn and being able to identify confirmation to get the right entries.

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