Longs On The Euro

This week there are a number of different pairs that I’m watching. Those which I’ve already entered or where price is nearing an entry are pretty much all on Euro pairs, hence the name of this post.. The holiday season is past now so I expect the markets to pick up now so hopefully we should see some good price movement.

AUDJPY – Long or Short

AJ is still on the list as it’s still in between levels and it will have to reach one or the other at some point. There’s either a long or short on the way. So I’ve got my alerts set for both.

2015-01-04 AJ Short D1

CADJPY – Short

CJ has begun its decent before reaching the supply level I marked up a few weeks back. It may still head back before the main move but PA so far looks like it could just head straight down from here. We may be able to get in on the way down so I’ll be watching for entries.

2015-01-04 CJ Short D1


Price has dropped into the demand zone I spotted two weeks ago but it has not arrived how I would like. You can find that post here. Instead of clear red candles we have a few obstacles in the way. I’d like to see them engulfed before trading long from here. I’ll be watching for signals on the lower time frames.

2015-01-04 EC Long D1


Price has dropped straight into demand with clear red candles on EJ so this week I’ll be looking for long confirmation on the lower time frames.

2015-01-04 EJ Long D1


EN has fallen into a demand level where we went long from back in September. That trade worked out nicely and you can find those trade details here. We have another shot at a long from the same level and we’ve already had entry confirmation which was posted in the members area. There may be potential for additional entries if you missed it so this is still one to watch.

2015-01-04 EN Long D1


EU doesn’t get mentioned too much on this website and that’s simply because there aren’t many setups with the PA I like to see. We do have some potential at the moment though so here it is. Price is falling to an old demand level and if it continues to fall as it has been we could have a trade on.

2015-01-04 EU Long D1 v01 2015-01-04 EU Long D1 v02


We setup a short on GC just before Christmas and exit last week and now it’s time to look for longs. See level below:

2015-01-04 GC Long D1

GBPJPY – Long or Short

GJ is falling back towards a level which produced a very significant bounce and it could have the same reaction again. If it breaks that level, then there is lots of profit potential below for a short. Time will tell which one we get.

2015-01-04 GJ Long D1


Like EU, GU isn’t often mentioned here but it is this week. It’s been falling towards demand so the level to watch is below:

2015-01-04 GU Long D1 v01 2015-01-04 GU Long D1 v02


Detailed Analysis

Members can click here for the detailed analysis which looks at the lower time frame levels we are watching to confirm entries. We also analyse the markets for short term trades. If you do not have access to this premium content then you can find out how to sign up here.

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