How To Make 100 Pips

The trade setups that usually work out for me usually have at least 3 components, supply or demand, profit potential and an engulf (though usually more than one engulf). When all of these things come together, successful trades often run for over 100 pips. Here's an example of a recent one.


The EJ trade in question was highlighted and posted in the members area beforehand as are other trading opportunities. You will clearly note the 3 essential components in the images below; the H1/30m demand level, the profit potential and the engulf to indicate that buyers are indeed now in control.

2014-11-24 EJ Long H1

2014-11-25 EJ Long H1


Entries with this particular method require an engulf on the 5m from the H1/30m level and the demand level in the image below was also pre planned as you will see from the time stamp.

2014-11-25 EJ Long M5


When price reached one of the supply levels it engulfed the closest 5m demand level so it was time to exit.


2014-11-25 EJ Long M5 v02


2014-11-25 EJ Long M30


This trade was also away from a daily demand level which I believe is very important when trading.

2014-11-24 EJ Long D1

This trade netted over 100 pips as do many of the longer term setups.

I hope you found this useful.

Happy Trading

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  1. Alex on August 23, 2019 at 14:26

    Hi Joe,
    Quick question:

    On the M5 price engulfs a small DBD supply level before returning to your highlighted demand level.
    Why not enter here since we already have an engulf of an opposing level?

    Also, when price moves as far away as in this example on the M5 and then returns, do you not worry about the M5 supply that is newly created on the longer return move to your chosen demand level?


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