GU Reaches Supply, Shorts On EJ and GJ

The USDCAD trade we took a few weeks ago on the long account didn’t rally as much as we would’ve liked and eventually turned against us. Stops had already been moved up to protect capital so there were no losses. This week we’re looking more closely at a few of the yens and GU.


AN broke through the supply we had marked up last week without giving a short confirmation. We now have a demand level so I’m watching to see what happens on return to it.

2015-06-21 AN Long D1


EG has continued to fall as anticipated. We’ve had a pause in price on the way down and we’ve got red candles following it. If price continues with the red candles then we’ll be looking for an entry with confirmation.

2015-06-21 EG Long D1

EURJPY – Short

We went short last week after seeing confirmation on the lower time frames. We’ve already seen a drop in price and hopefully it will fall much further through those big green candles. Time will tell.

2015-06-21 EJ Short D1

GBPJPY – Short

Much like EJ, We took on a short on GJ with lower time frame confirmation. I’m sure this week price will decide which way it’s going to go.

2015-06-21 GJ Short D1 v01 2015-06-21 GJ Short D1 v02 2015-06-21 GJ Short D1 v03

GBPUSD – Short

Price has arrived back at the supply level we’ve been watching for a while so we just need confirmation for a short. That’s what we’ll be watching for this week.

2015-06-21 GU Short D1


Still watching UJ as price continues to fall.

2015-06-21 UJ Long D1


Detailed Analysis

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