Test Your Strategy

Control The Speed

Use Any Historic Time Period

Develop Discipline

Lean To Trade In Less Time

Forex Tester is a trading simulator that lets you test trading strategies in the Forex market so that you can learn to trade profitably at your pace. It works for both manual and automatic trading strategies.

One of the main benefits of this software for me is that you can set the pace at which you learn. Unlike traditional demo trading where you can only trade during market hours, with Forex Tester you have over 15 years worth of data which you can use to test your strategy at any time you wish.

You can rewind, fast forward and play time at your desired speed across multiple time frames whilst you learn to trade. This can help reduce your learning curve significantly.

The software also helps you develop consistency which is key for your trading.

Build your confidence and your trading skills in a simulated environment before taking to the markets live.

I have used this software myself and still do when testing new ideas. I recommend it for those who wish to improve their trading skills in a shorter space of time.

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