EURJPY Falls Hard, USDCAD Drops Lower

We saw some big falls in the market last week and non so great as on the yens. I had some long trades before the drops and trailing my stops helped avoid losses when the markets turns. We could see some longs and I’m watching out for that this week.


EJ has seen another big drop as the long term down trend continues. We did take some profitable trades in the yens this week so that was all good. This week as you can see in the picture below, price is heading back towards the demand I mentioned a few months ago. We’re looking at potential shorts on the way down to demand then we’ll see what happens next at that level.

2016-05-01 EJ Long D1 v01

2016-05-01 EJ Long D1 v02


We’ve been shorting USDCAD a lot as you long term subscribers will know and after engulfing another demand level there’s another below. We could see a bounce so I’ll be monitoring PA on the way down and at the level.

2016-05-01 UC Long D1


UJ is one of the yens that fell hail last week and there’s still room for it to fall further. As with the other two this week I’ll be watching for a continuation to the demand where I’ll monitor for next steps.

2016-05-01 UJ Long D1 v01

2016-05-01 UJ Long D1 v02


Detailed Analysis

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