EU & Swizzy Range Bound

Both EU and USDCHF seem to be range bound at the moment so I'l be watching to see how the price movements progress. Last week I talked about potential shorts from supply on EU (you can find that here), and this week EU is now at demand. All the details are in this post below.


This is pretty simple. Last week price fell from supply and it dropped right into the demand level which I highlighted from last week. We've got a big red candle back into the level and I'll be watching for a potential reversal.

2016-08-28 EU Long D1

USDCHF - Short

So last week we saw price rally from lows and with the clear red candles we had on the way down, price was able to rally through with relative ease. It's heading back to supply so I'll be monitoring the arrival and watching for another reaction.

2016-08-28 USDCHF Short D1


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