EU At Supply, Swizzy At Demand

EJ fell as anticipated last week and I've still got it on my radar. Along with that we have EU, UC and Swizzy at interesting levels. All details are below:

EURUSD - Short

EU has arrived at daily supply and whilst it doesn't have a clear arrival as I usually show I'll be watching to see what reaction we get if any. Price has tested SR on the way up so it may be able to slide through on the way back down. We shall see. This weeks video shows the SR levels I'm referring to.

2017-03-19 EU Short D1

USDCAD - Short

We have supply on UC which formed last week and the path below is clear at the moment. I'll be watching the arrival to see it we get a reversal level at the level.

2017-03-19 UC Short D1


USDCHF has dropped back into a previous demand level for a second touch. There's a clear path arrival but we also have supply up above. I'll be watching that level too.

2017-03-19 USDCHF D1


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