EJ Heads To Demand, EU Hits Supply

EG decided to rally last week as did EU. There are more opportunities on the Euro which I'll be looking at this week. Check out the details.


EJ saw a sharp drop last night and once again it's heading towards a demand level we've been watching for some time. I'll be watching to see if it finally reaches it and what kind of reaction we get. So far it's red candles only into the level which is what i like to see.

2016-06-05 EJ Long D1 v01 2016-06-05 EJ Long D1 v02

EURUSD - Short

EU had been showing signs that it might fall as I mentioned last week but after showing a reversal signal it rallied strong instead. Now its hit daily supply and a new daily demand level is below. Shorts from supply and longs from demand as always, with confirmation.

2016-06-05 EU Long D1

USDJPY - Short

UJ fell from supply and after engulfing a compression zone is heading to a demand level we looked at previously. It's been hit once already and it's red candles only on the way down at the moment. There could be a short on the way down too as there little to stop price.

2016-06-05 UJ Short D1 v01 2016-06-05 UJ Short D1 v02



Detailed Analysis

Premium members can login to the forum for the detailed analysis which looks at the lower time frame levels we are watching to confirm entries, and the other setups we have for this coming week. This weeks detailed video analysis is here. If you do not have access to the premium content then you can find out how to sign up below.

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