EJ Forms Demand Whilst Sterling Rallies

We saw a number of rallies last week and sterling was one of the main ones, you can check out some of the trade setups here. This week I'll be watching to see if there's a continuation and there may be more opportunities too.


Price had a strong rally last week and it created a daily demand level. I'll be monitoring price action when it returns. If this level is engulfed, there could be a short move.

2017-01-22 EJ Long D1


GA had a strong move last week and the path above is still clear with only red candles. There's been a pullback so there may be more opportunities to get long.

2017-01-22 GA Long D1 ST

USDCHF - Short

The Swizzy has engulfed daily demand and the path below is clear with only green daily candles. I'll be watching to see if price makes a move south from here.

2017-01-22 USDCHF Short D1


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