EG Rallies Strong, EJ Drops Hard

I made some big pips last week and I was just following my plan and trading between SD levels. In the wake of the Brexit moves, there are more potential setups in the market. I'm going to look at some of them here.

EURGBP - Short

EG rallied strong as the pound fell and it came very close to a supply level on the daily chart. The arrival so far looks good with only a long green candle so I'll be watching for how price arrives at the level and how price might react.

2016-06-26 EG Short D1 v01

2016-06-26 EG Short D1 v02

EURJPY - Short

We've been watching EJ for a little while and there was another major engulf last week. There is still room to move to the downside so I'll be looking to get in on the ride if indeed it does continue.

2016-06-26 EJ Short D1 v01 2016-06-26 EJ Short D1 v02

USDCHF - Short

Price had a bit of a rally on the Swizzy last week too but up ahead there's some supply. I'll be watching the arrival and the reaction.

2016-06-26 USDCHF Short D1



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