Dukascopy is the broker I use for forex trading. They're an ECN with low spreads, lots of pairs, good liquidity and a number of trading platforms to choose from.

They started out as an institutional broker dealing only with professional investors and institutions, but over the years they have opened up to retail clients. You can now open a trading account with as little as $100.


There are over 5 different platforms to choose from but I only use two. Jforex and iPhone. The Jforex platform is desktop based so it's the one I use when I'm my screens. The login is secure, entering and exiting trades is simple and you can run a number of reports on your account right from the platform.

There are two iPhone apps which I use on a regular basis. The Dukascopy Europe Forex Trader app and the Swiss Forex App. I place trades on the Forex Trader app when I see a setup but I'm not at home and the app also shows market prices and account reports much like the desktop Jforex platform.

The Swiss Forex app also displays market prices, news, calendars and other features but the main reason I like this app is because of the price alert function. This allows me to set alerts on my phone and then leave the screen and wait for the alerts to sound. This keeps me from being at my screen all the time. If I do see a setup I can check the charts on my computer or phone, then enter using the Forex Trader app if I'm not home. It works great!

If you have any questions on Dukascopy as a broker then please feel free to contact me.

For those who wish to open an account with Dukascopy through Maximum Lots, you must quote my BI ID number which is 12104 when prompted during the signup process.

If you want to open a trading account with Dukascopy then just click here and follow the instructions.