Desktop Chart Analysis

I use MetaTrader 4 (MT4) for the majority of my charting. It’s one of of the most popular charting platforms out there and it’s pretty easy to use. I used this when I first started trading and I still use it now. The feed I use is from the broker Alpari. I don’t execute trades with Alpari however so I only use the demo version which is free. Even though I have the demo version of the platform the prices are live which is the important thing.

Trade Execution

For placing trades I use the Jforex platform from my broker Dukascopy. Whilst there are many different features I only use it to place trades after conducting analysis on MT4. The prices are sometimes slightly different so I need to use this platform to ensure I place my orders (entry and stop loss) correctly

Mobile Trading

As a longer term trader I am not always at the screen which suits me anyway. My main analysis is always on the desktop then I set alerts on my phone for when price reaches my level. The app I use for setting forex alerts is the Swiss Forex app by Dukascopy.

I also use the mobile MT4 app for when I’m on the move. If I’m out and price hits a pre identified level, then I can watch for PA if necessary.

If all of my analysis lines up and I’m away, I’ll enter from my phone using the SWFX Trader app by Dukascopy

Trade Markups

TradingView is great for producing markups. It’s very easy to use and the images look great. Most of the chart markups in the articles on this website are produced using TradingView.