Both Ways on NZDJPY

NZDJPY has had some great setups. Last week and mentioned one and this week I have more for you.


In last weeks post I mentioned a short trade I took from supply and showed where price ended up which was at weekly support.

As I continued to monitor price, a reversal looked likely so I began to look for confirmation.

Following a break and retest of the descending channel, I took a long trade.

The overall daily trend was down so I was looking for a potential area where price might stop and reverse again. The level below was key for a number of reasons and when price arrived, PA gave clues for a short.

Following a break and retest of the 30m demand I'd marked up, we had an entry.

All pre-planned with and shared with the premium members. The video course had everything you need to do this as well.


I won't go into as much detail but took a similar short on AJ too. The only difference being I didn't get the long retrace as well.

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