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Big Swing on USDCAD

By Joe Wright | February 10, 2019

When you enter a trade you never know how it is going to turn out. You just trade your plan and see what happens. I took a USDCAD long the other day as my analysis told me price was going up and it did. It kept going and going and there was a great return…

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Entries Are Exits

By Joe Wright | February 10, 2019

An entry signal to get into a trade can also be an exit signal to get out of one. If you think about it, the is completely logical. Let me give you an example.

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GJ Bounce

By Joe Wright | February 10, 2019

GJ made a significant rally after the flash crash that occurred last month. With the right analysis, there was a simple way to profit from the long trade too.

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Flash Crash Profits Jan 2019

By Joe Wright | January 3, 2019

Wow! So yesterday we saw a number pairs fall hard and people have been talking about what may have caused these moves in the market and how they could have been traded.

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EJ Drops From Supply

By Joe Wright | June 10, 2018

As AU, NU and GU have been rallying as indicated over the past few weeks, EJ did too. It reached supply last week.

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GU Hits Demand On The Daily

By Joe Wright | June 3, 2018

The NU demand level from last week is still holding and price turned at the UJ demand I mentioned too. This GU is on the list for a potential long.

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NU & UJ Levels Hold

By Joe Wright | May 26, 2018

The supply on UJ I mentioned last week held and so did the NU demand. Both are still on the list this week.

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AU at Demand As UJ Hits Supply

By Joe Wright | May 20, 2018

UJ has hit a key level and there are more trades with long potential. All the details are below:

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Demand On The Euro Pairs

By Joe Wright | May 13, 2018

We’ve got some key levels on the Euro at the moment with price at demand. We’ll see how they play out.

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