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Yen Longs

By Joe Wright | February 13, 2022

Last week there were only a few trades but some the ones taken took a few days to play and banked a lot of pips.

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EJ Stays Bullish for Another Week

By Joe Wright | January 9, 2022

Last week I mentioned a long on EJ directly into a daily supply zone. If you missed that you can see it here. We saw another great on EJ the past week too so here’s a quick breakdown on that.

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Buying into Supply

By Joe Wright | January 2, 2022

Happy New Year! It’s the holiday period, but I’ve still taken trades when I’ve seen setups.

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GJ Falls From High

By Joe Wright | September 20, 2020

GJ has done it again with some major moves and this time I’m talking about a big short.

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All Over GJ

By Joe Wright | August 2, 2020

If GJ moves, then I want a piece of the action. Over the past few months I’ve only been trading GJ. It kinda made sense for me. I love this pair and things usually work out great so decided to focus solely on this pair.

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GJ Is Making Moves

By Joe Wright | May 24, 2020

As always GJ has been making moves in the market and I’ve been able to catch a few of them. Here’s a few charts to show you my thought process.   GBPJPY Price broke daily demand and came back for a retest. The path below looked pretty clear so I was expecting a move to…

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Buying When The Market Crashes

By Joe Wright | March 29, 2020

We’ve all seen what’s been happening over the past weeks and months with the coronavirus which has rapidly spread across the world. The markets saw sharp declines across a range of assets. As always there is opportunity.

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Pound Madness

By Joe Wright | March 1, 2020

The pound has offered some great moves over the past week and I’m going to share some of the analysis with you here.

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Both Ways on NZDJPY

By Joe Wright | February 9, 2020

NZDJPY has had some great setups. Last week and mentioned one and this week I have more for you.

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