Big Demand Levels In Play

We were looking for the markets to fall last week and they did. We have a few quality demand levels on a range of pairs  this week so we’re watching for how these levels will play out.

AUDNZD – Long/Short

AN is currently in between two levels. We are closer to supply than we are demand at the moment and price made a strong move up at the end of last week. If price continues in that fashion then we’ll watch for a reversal.

2015-05-31 AN Long D1


EN turned just 30 odd pips shy of the demand level we we’re watching last week but the level is still valid so I’ve left it on the list along with the one below it.

2015-05-31 EN Long D1


EU dropped into demand last week and began to rally. There a trouble spot in the way to be wary of but other than that the path looks ok.

2015-05-31 EU Long D1


Price is heading down to demand and whilst it’s a long way off, if price continues to fall as it has been will red candles only then we’ll look for a reversal from the level.

2015-05-31 GU Long D1

USDCAD – Long/Short

USDCAD has formed a demand level so there could be a bounce there. It’s worth noting where we’re at on the weekly chart as this could have a big impact on whether or not the demand level will hold. If it doesn’t hold then we could be on for shorts down through the profit zone.

2015-05-31 UC Long D1


Nice looking level on UJ here with a very strong rally up then engulfed previous supply levels and created new highs. One to watch on return.

2015-05-31 UJ Long D1


Detailed Analysis

Members can click here for the detailed analysis which looks at the lower time frame levels we are watching to confirm entries. We also analyse the markets for further trades throughout the week. If you do not have access to this premium content then you can find out how to sign up here.

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