AU & EU Fall From Supply

Last week I was looking for shorts on the Aussie and on USDCHF. If you missed the outlook you can see it here. As you will see from the charts both pairs fell and there opportunities to short which were taken in the members area. This week EU is at supply and AU could still have room to fall. Read on for the details.

Last Week

Here are some of the entry details from last week.

AUDJPY short entry

2016-08-15 AJ Short H1

USDCHF short entry

2016-08-15 USDCHF Short H1

This Week

AUDUSD - Short

AU fell from supply last week as indicated and it's still looking bearish so we could see it fall further.

2016-08-21 AU Short D1

EURUSD - Short/Long

EU is back at a key level which was supply in the past. We've got green candles only coming into the zone so it's worth watching for reversal. Price has had a hard time staying above the 1.4440's so if the supply is engulfed it will be interesting to see if it will finally make a break upwards.

2016-08-21 EU Short D1


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