AN Engulfs Demand GU Rallies Strong

I was looking for EC to continue it's rally last week and that's what we saw so this pair could now be in play. There are some other opportunities too.

AUDNZD - Short

AN has just engulfed demand on the daily chart. The path below has a series of only green candles which is a good sign for profit potential. If price wants to fall it could have an easy time doing so. I'll be watching to see what happens.


EURCAD - Short

EC has continued the rally up to the supply level I mentioned last week. We have a series of only green candles so if price gives a reversal signal, there could be a short opportunity.


GBPUSD - Short

GU made a big move to the up side last week and there is supply above. I'll be watching to see how price arrives and to see whether there is a reversal for a short or an engulf and confirmation for a continued move up.




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