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There are some weeks where there are so many great setups and you're in a place to take them all. This was one of those weeks so here's the breakdown.


If you saw last weeks post you'll know that I took a long on EU which worked out nicely. If you missed it, you can find it here. This week gave us a lot more opportunities to trade as well.

Price hit daily supply after the long we took so I knew price could potentially fall.

I kept looking for the opportunity and then it came. I exited the long and went short.

As expected, price dropped and went straight back to daily demand.

Of course I was looking for a potential turn around here too.

The H4 give an indication...

The so did the 30m

Then as you'll know by now, this happened:


I had similar success with GU too.

Price hit daily supply so I was looking for a short.

There was a potential double top forming on the H4 and when it was confirmed I took the short.

Double Top

Many people will tell you to wait until the neckline is broken to confirm the double top formation but if you know what you are looking for you can get earlier confirmation which will give you less risk and more reward.

There here's the drop...

You can already see my mark up to look for a potential long. I exited the trade around there and waiting for a long signal.

I've said so many times, exits are entries.

Then the rally.

The daily and H4 were key for this long trade too.


No details but I'm sure you get the picture.

This was a very good week.

All trades were sent to the premium members as usual.

We are now using the Discord app for trade updates which means instant notifications via a smartphone (or any other device tablet/desktop).

Look at the time stamp on the UJ M30 long. If I see a trade, you will get it. No matter what time it is.

If you want more information about the private Discord channel. or anything trading related, feel free to contact me anytime.


I hope you found this useful

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