AJ Rallies To Supply, GJ Has An Engulf

CADJPY and GBPJPY are still in play though they are both higher up on the curve at the moment. I'll be looking at them both in more detail this week below:

AUDJPY - Short

AJ is within 140 pips or so of a daily supply level after a strong rally upwards. So far the arrival looks good with only green daily candles so we'll see how price finally gets to the level. There is some history at the level so there could well be an engulf and a further up move on this one. I'm sure we'll find out this week.


CADJPY - Short

CJ arrived at daily supply last week and had a bit of a turn. I'll be watching to see whether or not that move will continue.


GBPJPY - Short

GJ engulfed the daily supply level we were looking at last week and had a little test. We could see a move higher from here. There's a trouble spot on the left though so price would still need to break above that too.



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