Name: Joe

Location: UK

Years Trading: 5

Focus: Forex - Mainly long term with shorter term trades also.

Trading Style: My trading is based on the supply and demand methodology. Long term, I look to trade from higher time frame demand to higher time frame supply and vice versa. Entries are based on price action patterns on lower time frames that appear at the higher time frame levels. Shorter term trades are based on price action away from quality supply and demand levels from D1 to H1.


My initial introduction to trading was through forex and the methodology was based on moving average crosses and other lagging indicators. I soon realized this wasn't working for me and I spent a couple of years method hopping until I discovered supply and demand. I watched a few Sam Seiden videos and read a couple articles and from that point onwards I have used supply and demand as the foundation for all of my trading analysis. It's the only thing that makes sense to me.


This website is a place for me to keep my ideas about trading and to share what I have learnt about supply and demand and how it can be traded using price action strategies.

If you have any questions about trading or the website, please don't hesitate to contact me.