A Simple Way To Make Hundreds of Pips

Ok so this is nothing new, the strategy hasn't changed. It's just an example of the results you can sometimes get when your patient enough to wait for the right setups.

I'm going to share a trade that was pre planned in the members area last week so you can see how simple these setups really are.



Price arrived at a daily demand level which was created back in March this year. I've had it marked up for a little while now I was just waiting for the price alert to sound on my phone to let me know it had arrived at the level. The key things here are how price left and how price arrived back.

You can clearly see a strong move away with a big momo candle and a strong move back with only red candles coming back into the level, giving an indication of profit potential.

2015-05-07 GA Long D1


So when price came back to the daily level, I dropped to the H1 chart and marked up the nearest opposing (supply) level which soon got engulfed. There was a clear demand level on this time frame so I marked that too.

2015-05-07 GA Long H1


Price hit the H1 demand and engulfed the nearest 5m supply and created a 5m demand level. I set a limit order for the 5m demand, set some price alerts then left the rest up to the market.

2015-05-07 GA Long M5


Price came right back to the 5m supply before taking off and running for 600 pips! I didn't stay in for the whole move but got almost 400. It was election night in the UK and anything can happen so I exit just before I went to bed as I would not be able to monitor it overnight.

2015-05-09 GA Long M5

2015-05-09 GA Long H1

I hope you found this useful.

If you would like access to the premium content and members forum where these setups are pre planned and shared then you can register for more info below.

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