Profits On the Pound

Once again we have an example of demand in play in the markets. Last week we were looking for longs on the pound and the levels held just as we wanted.

If you missed last weeks outlook and video you can find it here.

D1 - Before


2015-10-02 GU Long D1

15m - Before

I wanted to see this level engulfed before going long.

2015-10-05 GU Long M15

5m - Before

Once it was engulfed there were two potential levels to trade long from:

2015-10-06 GU Long M5

By now you know what happened next. Price hit the lower level, rallied strong over 200 pips. These are the some of the big moves you can catch when trading supply and demand.

2015-10-11 GU Long D1 result

I hope you found this useful.

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